Falcon® STS™

The mail YOU need. The way YOU want it. Delivered wherever YOU are.

Falcon STS is the foundation of a one-of-a-kind digital mail center solution.

Your mail center operation is a critical link in your organization’s information chain. When that link breaks, your business is choked off from much of the necessary data required to function.

What do you do when the mail is misdelivered?

What if several people need the same piece of information at the same time?

What if the intended recipient is not there to receive their mail?

How much of the mail that you deliver gets tossed right into the trash as “junk”?

Much of today’s mail process is still labor intensive, expensive, prone to error, and requires specialized knowledge that only a few people on your team have. What do you do when those people are out, overloaded, or under-performing?

And what does this mean for your bottom line? The actual cost of today’s mail delivery process is high. Not to mention that even one mistake can put your relationship with your customers at risk.

There is a Better Way

Falcon® STS™ is leading the Digital Mail Revolution.

OPEX’s Falcon STS is foundational to the success of your digital mail solution. This one-of-a-kind, multi-functional device is designed for operations with small to mid-size volumes of mail as well as large mail centers looking to deliver their mail digitally.

Sort, Track, Scan

STS allows mail centers to scan mail, apply barcode tracking to each envelope, and deliver those images to end users.  The end user decides what should be done with each item –for example, Scan and deliver electronically, Hold for pick up, Forward, or Destroy. Those mail pieces are then sorted on STS per specific instructions from the end user.  Mail that is approved by the end user to be opened and scanned can quickly and easily be processed on the Falcon STS with Rapid Extraction Desk and delivered electronically.  It’s the mail they need. The way they want. Delivered wherever they are. 

Operational Efficiency

With STS, mail centers realize operational savings in the form of labor and transportation costs. Productivity-clogging “junk mail” is eliminated from your workflow altogether without ever leaving the mailroom. Courier routes are streamlined to deliver only those items that are required by the end user.  Additionally, vital information can be accessed sooner and by more people as it is scanned in the mail center and forwarded to the appropriate recipients without getting lost in piles on someone else’s desk.