People More Than Position

Living Our Values

People More Than Position

By: Drew Stevens, Business Development Manager

"We will never - and I mean never – turn our backs on our employees."

-- Howard Schultz, Starbucks
Many companies view their employees as assets that possess specific skills. Employees’ skills define their rank within the hierarchy of the organization.

Recognizing employees as human beings, and not as skill sets, promotes an egalitarian corporate culture that deemphasizes hierarchy and breaks down artificial barriers. Employees are able to connect with senior leadership at OPEX on a professional and personal level because they are valued as people, not defined by their position.

 “People More Than Position” dictates how we treat others at OPEX. But it also reflects a personal attitude of how we view ourselves. If we believe that a professional title doesn’t make us superior to others, then we will naturally treat our fellow employees with respect.

“People More Than Position” has been a corporate value of OPEX since its founding. OPEX’s business practices model that value. Employees have open access to senior leaders in an environment that deemphasizes the importance of title. The culture of OPEX reinforces the focus on people.

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