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Optimized Wholesale Lockbox Processing


OPEX WholesaleWorks™ leverages integrated extraction and scanning to provide unsurpassed quality and efficiency in wholesale lockbox processing. The WholesaleWorks System consists of an OPEX AS-Series document scanner, OPEX WholesaleWorks Software Module, and integrated remittance processing (RP) software. Using this system, wholesale processors can convert sealed envelopes to electronic data in one step, validate transactions and image quality during processing, and minimize exceptions and errors by streamlining the workflow.


Unmatched Efficiency

The OPEX AS7200i offers tremendous processing efficiency by combining mail opening and extraction with scanning in one device. Powered by WholesaleWorks, the AS7200i adds robust features that have been designed specifically to streamline wholesale lockbox processing while maintaining the highest level of quality. The following are some of the features available at the operator's fingertips:
- Quick lockbox number entry and validation
- Easily accessible instructions and payee lists
- Continuous batch validation
- Smart batch ticket printing
- Support for ARC, Check-21, and Image Exchange

OPEX WholesaleWorks moves scanning to the beginning of the process. Consequently, this permits lockbox operations to key from image and utilize image processing technologies such as OCR, ICR, and CAR/LAR. It also supports ARC, Check-21, and Image Exchange electronic payment technologies. In turn, wholesale lockbox processors can use this functionality to provide additional services to their clients.


Unbeatable Quality

Due to the high dollar values involved in many business-to-business transactions, one mistake can have serious ramifications. That's why Wholesale lockbox processing demands the highest level of quality and accuracy. To ensure quality, cumbersome document prep and multiple layers of data validation were previously necessary.

That's all changed with WholesaleWorks. The WholesaleWorks System equips processors to validate critical data and monitor each image and transaction for quality and integrity during processing. Since mail is scanned immediately after extracting it on the same device, there is little chance of documents being lost, damaged, or separated before scanning. Likewise, batch tickets can be printed on the AS7200i to bind all the sorted documents from the batch following scanning. As a result, the majority of document prep is eliminated, errors are minimized, and wholesale lockbox operations drastically reduce processing costs.


WholesaleWorks Certification Program

As part of the release of WholesaleWorks, OPEX has launched the WholesaleWorks Certification Program. To gain certification, remittance processing software providers must meet specific performance requirements to ensure seamless integration with WholesaleWorks. Several RP vendors are already approved or are working toward WholesaleWorks Certification.

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