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OPEX Insight
Performance Management Software

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OPEX Insight is a software productivity suite that helps unlock the full potential of mailroom and scanning operations that use OPEX products. The Insight Dashboard brings immediate visibility to all OPEX equipment through continuous device monitoring and multi-dimensional analysis of performance data. Insight is designed to deliver actionable, operational intelligence to mailroom and scanning center professionals in real-time. With instant access to key performance drivers, managers can anticipate future resource allocation needs, make informed and confident processing decisions, and pinpoint operational bottlenecks.

OPEX Insight consists of three modules that are critical to operating at peak performance: Status, Scanner Stats, and ONS+ Machine Stats. The highly intuitive interface is easy to navigate for novice users, while delivering all of the advanced functionality that experienced professionals expect.


Instant Access to Real-time Information


Put an end to managing from outdated information. Know exactly what is happening right now. Using Insight Status, all OPEX devices can be monitored in real-time, from anywhere on the network. With a constant stream of data minute-by-minute, users can quickly assess events as they occur and identify potential problem areas before they reach a critical level.


Informed and Confident Decision-Making


OPEX Insight offers a unique platform from which to view the actual performance metrics of all OPEX equipment. The ONS+ Configuration Utility – included with OPEX Insight – is used to unlock machine statistics on all OPEX devices and allows users to modify job and operator settings on all OPEX Rapid Extraction Desks from one central location.

Once configured, the ONS+ Machine Stats module collects processing data from each OPEX device and aggregates it for analysis across the entire operation. The Scanner Stats module continuously stores data as documents are imaged and batches are created.


Resource Utilization Analysis Quickly Pinpoints Bottlenecks


With OPEX Insight, mailroom and scanning center managers can quickly and precisely determine the productivity level of their equipment and staff. Insight also provides performance benchmarks and a means of verifying improvements in productivity.

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