OPEX Factory Reconditioned Equipment

OPEX Factory Reconditioned Equipment
Quality Remanufactured Products

What is "factory reconditioned"?

The following is an overview of the OPEX Factory Reconditioned Equipment Program. Please click on the "Contact Us" link to inquire about current inventory and pricing.

At OPEX, a factory reconditioned solution is offered on several of our most popular products. These are products that have been re-acquired by OPEX for a variety of reasons and then put through a rigorous re-manufacturing process.

How is a product reconditioned?

Every OPEX reconditioned product is restored by OPEX employees to its original condition and performance. Each item is thoroughly tested, broken or defective parts are replaced, and then tests are run to ensure excellent operation.

All OPEX reconditioned equipment is upgraded to meet current performance specifications. For example: consumables like ink cartridges are replaced with new ones and the latest software patches are installed.

When is factory reconditioned appropriate?

If your budget is lean and/or you don't necessarily need the latest features on the newest equipment, the OPEX Factory Reconditioned Equipment Program offers high quality at a lower cost. For some applications, the latest, greatest technology is a must. In other cases, a remanufactured product is simply a better choice. For example, if your company has standardized on a certain platform and "new" production on that model has been discontinued, you may be able to add a factory reconditioned model. Remanufactured machinery also offers great value for a training room or as a backup machine.

Why should I buy reconditioned equipment from OPEX?

It is important that your product is reconditioned by the original manufacturer. Third parties are likely to refurbish a product cheaply and resell it without concern for its performance. For OPEX, it is important to us that equipment bearing our name performs up to our reputation.

Buying directly from OPEX ensures that your product has been remanufactured with OEM parts and tested to meet our stringent standards. We are the experts when it comes to OPEX equipment and can protect you against buying a lemon.

Act now - OPEX reconditioned product inventory turns over quickly and the tried and true workhorses of the industry go first. Unlike new, if you miss out on a product you want, re-stocking or back-ordering may not be an option.

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