OPEX Corporation Solar Project: Practicing What We Preach


Practicing What We Preach

For more than 40 years, OPEX has manufactured products for its customers that increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace in order to drive down costs.  This past spring, OPEX flipped the switch on a sustainability project that significantly increases our efficiency while also substantially reducing our overall draw on the electric grid.

Acting on the desire to be good stewards of the environment and our resources, OPEX put plans in place to acquire 100% of the energy required for its Moorestown, New Jersey headquarters, manufacturing, and production facilities from solar energy.  We selected H2 Contracting, LLC, of Marlton, New Jersey to assist us in this endeavor based upon their experience and willingness to partner with us on a project of this magnitude.  This effort culminated in a 2.77 megawatt solar power installation consisting of more than 8,000 solar panels covering the roofs of two buildings and two parking pavilions on the campus of the OPEX World Headquarters, along with a full solar field array.

With this solar solution in place, OPEX is one step closer to achieving its goal of being a net-zero consumer of electrical power from traditional sources. While the investment in this technology is not insignificant, the returns on this investment – from utility bill savings to preservation of the environment – make it a worthwhile and prudent use of OPEX capital.


With the addition of the solar parking pavilions came covered parking for employees at both buildings.  These coveted spots provide protection from the hot sun, rain, and snow.  The benefits do not stop there, however.

Each of the parking pavilions is equipped with a charging station for those employees who drive an electric vehicle.  A number of employees recharge their batteries during the workday, thanks to the sun… and OPEX.


Location: Moorestown, NJ
Completed: April, 2012
Installation Type: Parking Pavilion Structures, Field Array, and Rooftop Systems
System Size: 2.77 MW
PV Surface Area: 82,000 sq ft
Number of Panels: 8,372

PROJECT FACTS AND FIGURES:OPEX Corporation Solar Project Field

-   8,372: Total solar panels
-   2: GE® electric vehicle charging stations
-   2,772,249: Annual kWh produced
-   2,648: Number of panels installed on 835 roof racking system
-   1,488: Number of panels installed on 305 roof racking system
-   3,040: Number of panels in the solar field
-   608: Number of panels on 835 parking pavilions
-   588 Number of panels on 305 parking pavilions
-   4: Number of football fields panels could cover
-   250,000: Square footage powered by energy created
-   259: Homes that can be powered each year
-   3,620,557: Pounds of CO2 emissions reduced annually
-   1,702: Barrels of oil not consumed each year
-   6,810,584: Pounds of coal not burned annually
-   184,318: Gallons of gasoline saved from consumption