Move ahead continually and deliberately to insure the ongoing survival of the company.

Mike Sparango, Mechanical Engineering Supervisor

To look like “a deer in headlights” is a well-known American expression referring to someone who is stunned or at a loss for words when caught off-guard. Instead of reacting, they freeze up completely.

In a fast-paced business environment, we don’t ever want to get caught off-guard or fail to react to sudden shifts or changes. OPEX is committed to moving in a direction that makes sense for today’s environment as well as future business needs. Our employees handle today’s tasks, while at the same time recognizing that a rapidly changing market may require another set of skills for future assignments.

We believe you must move ahead continually and deliberately, or you are likely to fall behind and fail. We live this principle daily by continually reinvesting in products through more sophisticated engineering and manufacturing processes, customer-driven software enhancements, and well-defined work cell configurations for machine assembly.

For instance, in 2007, we entered the mixed-mail sorting market with an innovative product for high-density mail storage and sorting: The Mail Matrix® mail sorter. This mail sorter then gave birth to a product idea that might be one of the boldest moves in our history: What if, rather than delivering an envelope to a bin, you reversed direction and retrieved from a bin not an envelope, but a product? With this idea, the “Perfect Pick” was born, and our business deliberately surged ahead.