Minimize layers of management in order to maximize employee empowerment.

Jon (JP) Longshaw, Program Manager

The first time I heard Principle #8, I rather cynically thought, “OPEX has managers just like any other organization.” But over time, I realized that OPEX is truly unique in its structure and approach to management, resulting in some key differences that you won’t find at most companies.

The first is accessibility. It has been ingrained in the company’s philosophy since the beginning that employees have direct access to the owners and high-level management. The second is empowerment. Employees are given an opportunity to have direct involvement in the company’s decision-making process without needing to go through several layers of management.

Don’t get me wrong. OPEX does have a management structure in place. There needs to be a CEO, President, and so forth in order to operate properly. But the difference here is that the people below them are empowered to make decisions that will contribute to the success of the company. It is refreshing to work at a place where you have direct access to the top, ownership over decisions, and a vested stake in what you feel is best for the company.