Perfect Pick® is a truly unique robotic goods-to-person picking technology that was engineered to simplify order fulfillment.


Perfect Pick is a truly unique robotic goods-to-person picking technology that was engineered to simplify order fulfillment.


Unlike more traditional goods-to-person solutions on the market today, Perfect Pick is a self-contained, standalone point solution that does not require lifts, conveyors, or multiple transfer points, which add complexity to the system. By eliminating these additional touch points and by streamlining the picking process, Perfect Pick increases throughput and results in a more reliable and cost effective system. Perfect Pick's unique product features offer some very real benefits for our customers.

Productivity In today’s highly competitive environment, time is money. According to some estimates, just walking a warehouse in search of inventory can take more than 60% of order picking time. In contrast, Perfect Pick is a goods-to-person technology that delivers inventory directly to the workstation, which is integrated into the aisle, resulting in big gains in operational efficiency, and a more comfortable work environment for employees.
Throughput Perfect Pick’s industry-leading speed allows businesses to meet customer’s delivery expectations, but it’s Perfect Pick’s scalable throughput that really sets it apart. The ability to introduce and remove iBOTs quickly and easily means that Perfect Pick can adjust throughput rates to ever-changing demands and business cycles.
Scalability Perfect Pick is highly scalable in both size and speed. Should a customer’s inventory increase, additional modules or aisles can be added. If greater throughput is required, a backend workstation or more iBOTs can be added to the system.
Flexibility Seasonality and other factors can produce large swings in demand that are often addressed by throwing more money and labor at the problem. Perfect Pick offers a truly unique alternative. By simply introducing more iBOTs into the system faster pick rates can be achieved. Perfect Pick offers growing businesses the opportunity to invest in technology to meet today’s fulfillment challenges, secure in the knowledge that it can quickly and easily adjust to often unpredictable future demands and business cycles.
Accuracy Because Perfect Pick reduces the number of touch points and presents operators with only the tote containing the item(s) to be picked, when combined with technologies like screen directed picking and pick-to-light, order picking accuracy is dramatically improved.
Reliability In a traditional system, the failure of a single conveyor or exchange point can shut down an entire operation. Bottlenecks can also occur if product volume changes unexpectedly. Perfect Pick’s design, on the other hand, provides inherent redundancy. For every iBOT you have in an aisle, you have an additional layer of redundancy.
Footprint With warehouse and D.C. space at a premium, Perfect Pick’s small footprint and dense storage racking utilizes vertical space that typically goes unused thereby maximizing cube efficiency.
Labor Simply put, with Perfect Pick you can do more with less. By streamlining operations and delivering inventory directly to a workstation, less labor is required to accomplish order fulfillment.
Installation A traditional material handling system can take up to 15 months to design, simulate, and deploy. Perfect Pick, however, is a standalone solution that can be installed quickly and easily – in as little as 4 to 6 months – and with relatively little disruption to ongoing operations.
Energy Testing has shown that Perfect Pick’s energy draw is significantly less than competitive technologies. By eliminating complex frontend equipment like lifts, conveyors or transfers, ongoing operational expenses are reduced. Additionally, iBOTs are powered by onboard ultracapacitors, which are extremely energy efficient and charge “on the fly”.
Ergonomics Since Perfect Pick is a goods-to-person model, pickers do not have to roam a large warehouse or D.C. to search for items. Instead, the inventory is delivered directly to the worker resulting in a much more comfortable and safer work environment. Additionally, Perfect Pick’s workstation includes a mechanism that tilts the iBOT toward the picker and can be adjusted to the heights of a specific worker resulting in a safer, more comfortable and efficient work environment.