Mail Extractors

We have designed our products for speed, efficiency, flexibility, and economy. Whether you need to extract the contents from one tray of mail or a thousand, OPEX can help. Our Rapid Extraction Desks and high speed extractors have set the standard for efficient mail opening and extraction.

Mail Extractors
FalconV RED™

FalconV RED combines OPEX’s innovative one-step scanning process with the most efficient mail opening and extraction unit on the market, the OPEX Model 72™ Rapid Extraction Desk.


Falcon® allows operators to prep and scan documents at a faster rate than most current prep only processes.


The OPEX MPE 7.5 Multi-Purpose Extractor is a fully automated solution for the high-volume extraction of windowed and non-windowed envelopes with varied sizes.

OPEX Model 60™

The Model 60 Rapid Extraction Desk has been designed to deliver new levels of speed, efficiency, flexibility and economy for same size envelope processing.

OPEX Model 72™

Proven Ergonomic Platform Engineered for Superior Performance