Listen and be responsive to customers’ needs.

Lonnie Amico, Receptionist

To listen. What does that mean, to “listen” to someone? For me it is being focused and fully present to what is being said. You cannot be distracted and partially listening or thinking about something else as the person is speaking to you. A good listener isn’t thinking ahead of what kind of response he or she is going to give as the person is speaking; the good listener is simply listening to what is being said.

Often I am the first contact for a customer or prospect when they call in to OPEX. So it is very important to be pleasant and do my best to answer their questions.

If a customer has a personnel or product problem, I want to resolve the problem as soon as possible so that customer has another reason to remain loyal to OPEX. If a prospect calls, I want to make sure their experience with OPEX is favorable; and that starts with me. When we listen carefully and respond in a timely manner with answers to their needs, it increases the likelihood that they may become a customer.

There have been times when I have been asked a question from a customer that I cannot answer. When this happens, I let them know that I will connect them with someone I know can help them.

The non-negotiable for any receptionist – actually, for all of us – is simply this: “Listen and be responsive to the customer’s needs.”