Focus on business expansion only in related fields.

George Muttathil, Mechanical Engineer

This principle has been carefully chosen by our founders to remind us that when we try to expand into new areas, we should not stray too far from what made us successful in the past.

On the surface, it may look like this principle contradicts what OPEX has done historically. OPEX started as a payment remittance processing company, then expanded into digital document scanning, then sorting, and then robotic warehousing. At first glance, this might seem like we’ve drifted “outside our lane;” however, the fact that OPEX has been very successful while expanding into each of these new areas suggests there’s more to it.

It is not typical for a company to enter a new market successfully. OPEX has managed to do it repeatedly with a very high degree of success. This isn’t an accident, and it didn’t happen overnight. This broad expansion of OPEX’s product portfolio has spanned many decades and has been a slow two-step process. First, OPEX finds ways to do things better than the competition, and then we apply what we’ve learned in other areas. Our commitment to this principle is what has ensured our success.

Although we try to “stay in our lane,” OPEX is constantly finding ways to make our lane wider while staying true to our focus.