European Environmental Compliance

WEEE, RoHS and Environmental Compliance Information

Conformité aux réglementations environnementales européennes
Compliance mit europäischen Umweltschutzgesetzen

OPEX -- as a provider to business customers of mail automation, document scanning, material handling, and other electronic and electrical equipment (“EEE”) -- shares the global concern about electronic products making their way into landfills, potentially causing the contamination of ground water, and causing other environmental problems. 
As such, OPEX is dedicated to achieving and maintaining compliance with applicable European environmental regulations relating to EEE.


What is WEEE?
The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“WEEE”) Directive (2012/19/EU), as may be amended and supplemented, mandates the collection and treatment of EEE subject to the directive (“covered EEE”) at the end-of-life, if sold into the European Union.  The WEEE Directive has to be implemented by all European Economic Area nations and applies to, among others, “producers” of covered EEE.

IMPORTANT -- OPEX’S WEEE Take-Back & Recycling Instructions:

• Within France, Germany, and the United Kingdom:  In order to support our business customers in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, OPEX has registered as a producer in those countries, where we maintain a legal presence and are directly importing and distributing our OPEX-branded covered EEE to business customers.

Under OPEX’s general policy, our customers and resellers in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom are responsible at their own cost, in accordance with the applicable terms set forth in the contract or other terms of sale between OPEX and the reseller or customer, for collecting, transporting, treating, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of covered EEE.  In the absence of such terms, or to the extent that OPEX is prohibited by applicable law from shifting such costs and/or responsibilities to the customer or reseller, OPEX, within the framework of the WEEE provisions, will be responsible for those costs and/or responsibilities for covered EEE sold by OPEX in the foregoing countries to a customer or reseller.  OPEX, to the extent of such responsibilities, will provide end-of-life waste management services for the covered EEE through an authorized provider(s).
In the foregoing countries, if OPEX is providing end-of-life waste management for covered EEE at the end of its life, the covered EEE shall be collected and returned to OPEX’s authorized recycler in accordance with OPEX’s instructions.  In order to obtain the instructions specific to your market, or if you have any questions about the costs that may be covered by OPEX, please contact:
 France:  Hamid Bensirh,
 Germany: Frank Panienski,
 United Kingdom:  Mike Wylie,
 Other Inquiries:  Mike Wylie,

• Other European Economic Area Countries:  Outside France, Germany, and the United Kingdom (i.e., in those countries where OPEX does not import but ships to a reseller), the reseller, due to the reseller’s legal presence and local establishment, is responsible for statutory WEEE obligations for those products they import.
Users of OPEX products should contact the reseller directly for additional information.

• Outside the European Economic Area:  Please contact your local municipal waste company for proper disposal instructions. They will help you dispose of OPEX products in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.


What is RoHS?
Under the Restriction of Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“ROHS”) Directive (2011/65/EU), as may be amended and supplemented, the European Union has restricted the use of six hazardous substances in EEE (i.e., lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE).  

OPEX's Compliance With the ROHS Directive:
OPEX is committed to addressing the RoHS Directive as part of our corporate environmental compliance efforts. OPEX works with our partners and suppliers to comply with all applicable regulations under the ROHS Directive. If you have any questions concerning our ROHS compliance efforts, please contact OPEX’s Mike Wylie,


Various other European Union and member state regulations may impose additional environmental requirements on OPEX.  If you have any questions about the applicability to OPEX of such other environmental regulations, please get in touch with the contacts set forth above under “IMPORTANT -- OPEX's WEEE Take-Back & Recycling Instructions.”