Image Remit Improves Payment Processing with Advanced Imaging Solution

Image Remit Improves Payment Processing with Advanced Imaging Solution

Streamlined Image Processing

Cash Management Solutions (CMS) has been providing powerful and innovative lockbox payment solutions to its clients for more than three decades.The company delivers a wide selection of cost-effective payment solutions designed to fit their customers’ unique requirements. The company’s Image Remit (IR) division provides image-based outsourcing services for wholesale and retail lockbox, adjudication, batch processing, healthcare revenue cycle management, and other applications.

While CMS and IR have always provided reliable service to their customers, imaging operations were time-consuming and labor-intensive. “Document imaging was an extremely manual and painful process before our OPEX integration,” says Jacqueline Cash, Managing Director for CMS and IR. “All mail had to be sorted based on document type and assigned to separate designated operators because we had to use different scanners for each category.” IR has implemented an advanced imaging solution, including high-volume scanners, mail extraction equipment, and CertainScan software from OPEX to replace an assortment of other solutions. As a result, the company has reduced its labor costs, increased productivity, and minimized its maintenance costs, while also improving image quality and customer service.

Prior to installing the new OPEX equipment, the operations side of IR’s business used multiple image capture devices to accommodate customized image solutions for the company’s clients. “For example, capturing a full-page image versus a stub-sized image had to be done separately on different equipment, making daily operations more manual and challenging,” Cash says. With their former system, IR used multiple types of full-page scanners, image scanners, and business scanners to handle different types of documents. Because the company had to use a variety of imaging hardware to complete daily operations, IR also had to use multiple layers of image import software to create the required output for each client. Each device had its own software that was required to run prior to IR running its in-house software solutions to adjust the image quality. These processes were also complicated by the wide variety of industries that IR serves, as well as the variety of document types and sizes received. “The documents received with each payment differed from client to client, thus making imaging and managing those documents more difficult,” Cash says. “We often received damaged, torn, or multiple folded documents, which prevented us from providing the highest-quality images possible to our clients.”

Streamlining Workflows with Advanced Technology

To enhance image quality, improve quality of service for its customers, and increase efficiency in its internal operations, IR began looking for a new imaging solution. Cash says that the company wanted to migrate to the latest technology in order to meet the growing demands of its document imaging operation. “By doing this, we would be able to streamline the daily workflow management and improve our overall operations.” Because of the extremely high volume of documents received on peak days, the throughput rates for the new system needed to be at the highest possible levels to meet customer deadlines. The imaging solution would also need to be able to scan a variety of business and personal checks, money orders, check stubs, coupons, and invoices with barcode or optical character recognition data, EOBs, and correspondence. 

The OPEX Solution

IR configured a solution that included both the Falcon series of document scanners and OPEX’s latest CertainScan software package. The support that IR and CMS received from OPEX made the deployment of the new solution go smoothly. “Implementation was truly effortless,” Cash says. “The support and service we received during the transition period were outstanding. OPEX’s on-site support team ensured that the implementation was smooth, even suggesting process improvements to provide the best imaging solution for our clients.” With the new equipment in place, IR has been able to reduce mail preparation time and costs. Because all types of documents can be scanned on the same hardware, operational efficiency has been greatly improved. More importantly, IR can view images in real-time as they are scanned, which has reduced the number of re-scans significantly and improved final image quality across the board. IR was also able to replace three large check transports with a single Falcon unit, and Cash says that the savings from maintenance costs on the previous hardware alone have provided a return on investment for the Falcon in less than one year. While the older scanners required two or three operators, a single operator can run the Falcon. That has drastically reduced labor costs for IR and improved compliance.

“The work of multiple employees is now done by one,” Cash says. “In the eyes of our SOC 2 auditor, this drastically reduces security risk as there is much less handling involved to get the work processed.” The Falcon has also provided tremendous increases in productivity. “We are running more work on one Falcon than were on the three previous units,” Cash says. “The older scanners were constantly jamming up and had poor image quality, so we were forced to re-scan an abundance of items per day. Having the Falcon has eliminated all of these issues, which certainly increases productivity, and our document imaging processes now work seamlessly together.”

Better Visibility, Seamless Operation

Cash adds that the OPEX solution provides useful reports and management tools that have helped improve the company’s ability to monitor and improve the business. “The User Statistics Report is quite beneficial to our management group, as we can assess our staff’s efficiency.  Not only does it provide user statistics, but it also helps identify any configuration issues.” OPEX’s factory-trained service members provide exceptional preventative maintenance and timely repairs, which helps ensure uptime for IR. “The OPEX team members have always gone above and beyond to tend to our needs and those of our clients, as well,” says Cash.  This has allowed IR to take its service offerings to the highest level of efficiency and productivity for its customers. CMS is also an OPEX Authorized Reseller, and the successful deployment of the scanners in its own facilities has provided a helpful way to demonstrate the value of these imaging solutions. “Knowing that we exclusively use OPEX solutions at both of our Image Remit locations, our opinion holds value,” Cash says. “We can experientially answer any questions prospects may have since we have dealt with all sorts of client documents ourselves.” 

About Cash Management Solutions and Image Remit

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Image Remit, Inc. (IR), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cash Management Solutions, Inc, provides high quality, image-based, private-label outsourcing solutions for the remittance processing services industry. Image Remit is located in both North Brunswick, NJ and Clearwater, Florida. Since 1998 Image Remit has been offering state of the art wholesale/retail/wholetail lockbox to its customers; featuring real-time online exception adjudication, non-financial batch processing, healthcare revenue cycle management, property management outsourcing solutions, as well as solutions for other major industries. For more information, visit

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