A Better Way to Manage Documents

A Better Way to Manage Documents

With a track record since 2003 of successful trading in the records management space, this enterprise has continually developed their service offering by investing in infrastructure, security, people and technological innovations. This dedication to business and product development has allowed GRM to offer its clients a highly secure, quality driven service that ensures customer satisfaction and peace of mind. That said, in such a security-conscious industry it’s always good to have a rubber stamp or two: ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Secure Management should cover that requirement.

GRM Employee with Document BoxesAll of this allows GRM’s 200 plus employees to service over 700 clients, ranging from small businesses to large organisations in private sectors, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, financial services and investments, insurance and legal, telecoms and computing, manufacturing and construction, as well as Government bodies within the public sector.

A business model as successful as Glenbeigh’s should not be restricted to one continent alone.  In 2014, this same model was rolled out to the United Arab Emirates with a state of the art facility being opened in Dubai World Central. This move shows not only Glenbeigh’s commitment to continued investment and growth but also their understanding of developing markets.

As OPEX Corporation expanded their territory into Ireland, Glenbeigh was an obvious focus of our attention, and the timing could not have been more opportune. Glenbeigh has recently introduced their latest service offering to the market and is pleased to confirm their Digital Mailroom Service “open for business.”

Regarding their new offering, GRM’s Marketing Manager, Niall McCabe, commented, “we envisaged a better way to manage mail, and through working with numerous organisations, we have successfully developed a new digital mailroom service. The entire process, from collection of the physical mail every morning at a dedicated PO Box, to the prepping and scanning using one of our new OPEX Falcons, to the secure electronic delivery in time for the start of your working day, is managed by our specialist team, who have unrivalled experience in delivering records management solutions.”

At OPEX, we know all about the challenges faced by the modern digital mailroom. We have used our experience along with the guidance of our existing customers to create the OPEX Falcon document scanning workstation. It is a digitalisation tool that allows for the scanning of documents directly from the envelope at a single workstation. That includes the opening of envelopes, extraction of the contents, scanning and categorisation - all from one seat and by one scanning operator. Falcon is easily scalable without the reliance on the manpower of traditional prep and scan processes. The additional security benefits of having all of these steps undertaken from one desk and by one operator are untold and are massively attractive to any security-conscious clients. The chain of custody here has only one link, and a strong link it is.

Combining GRM’s Digital Mailroom Service with the OPEX Falcon results in a product that gives you ease of access to your information on multiple devices, increased process efficiency and security, reduced operating costs, greater traceability, and maximisation of office space. The combination of OPEX’s innovative hardware and GRM’s all-encompassing service provides a formidable solution to age-old problems: security, information retrieval, internal workflow process, and the auditing of all of the above.