COVID-19, the 2020 Election and Vote-by-Mail

Vote by Mail is increasingly becoming a popular solution as municipalities across the nation look to ensure the safety of voters and abide by today’s social distancing standards. As the country shifts towards a mail-in-ballot system, the need for efficient ballot extraction equipment is vital.

At OPEX®, we offer fast, cost-effective and the most efficient mail extraction technologies on the market. Our industry leading opening and extraction machines are designed to improve throughput, while significantly reducing the amount of labor needed. These unique solutions can be implemented to combat the inevitable drastic increase of vote-by-mail systems during this health crisis.

States that use the OPEX machines for their ballot opening and extracting are seeing extraction rates of over 2,000 ballots per hour, dramatically increasing productivity. In Colorado County Election facilities, the speed and accuracy of our Model 72™ cut the staff needed by 50%, while maintaining the same level of throughput as past elections. The Model 72 reduced the time required to prep the ballots, but still provided election results on time.

There is an importance today in keeping our democracy alive, and OPEX is here to help safeguard our voters. Here is how one county in California has implemented a vote by mail system:

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