The Top Five Reasons To Automate Your Warehouse Picking System

OPEX’s Perfect Pick is a robotic goods-to-person picking system that automates warehouse order fulfillment operations. What does that mean for your warehouse manager? In short, it guarantees a simplified, streamlined workflow while phasing out the need for failure-prone conveyor systems or transfer equipment.

At the heart of OPEX’s Perfect Pick system are a series of iBOTs that are as precise as they are efficient. iBOTS have total access to the inventory, and Perfect Pick’s traffic control software directs their movement—both horizontally and vertically—across the aisle and to a designated work station. When an order comes through, the robots know exactly where to pick that item.

Thanks to the iBOTs, OPEX’s Perfect Pick never has to rely on the multiple interface points that slow down traditional shuttle systems, which are already prone to points of failure and incorrect picks. With an efficient goods-to-person picking system, your business can make what once seemed like a holy grail of processing orders in real time a reality—and get them right every time.

OPEX’s Perfect Pick is ideal for small to mid-sized eCommerce businesses struggling to meet the growing demand for products. That’s the point where most companies simply add employees in hopes of achieving faster turnaround times. The only thing that guarantees is that 60% of your picker’s time will be wasted in the race around the warehouse, hunting for items. Rather than siphoning profits off into a needlessly complex material handling solution, OPEX’s Perfect Pick can be installed in just four to six months. Once it’s in place, it costs less to operate, without the worries of added maintenance costs, or pricey replacement parts, added labor, and system downtime.

If holiday demand produces a seasonal upswing, OPEX’s Perfect Pick can expand the capacity of your operations seamlessly by adding more iBOTs. Long-term growth can also be accommodated with a bigger rack system and additional workstations. This kind of integrated, future-ready expansion is a far cry from the multi-stage automated systems that force a costly redesign of your warehouse facility at every stage.  The entirety of the Perfect Pick system is flexible and scalable, a fluid arrangement designed to grow as quickly as you need it to.

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