New Year’s Greeting from Jeff Hedges, President, OPEX Warehouse Automation

By Gary Forger

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019. Traditionally, this is the time when individuals (and businesses) make resolutions for the upcoming year.  I recently had an opportunity to talk with Jeff Hedges, President of Warehouse Automation at OPEX, to discuss what resolutions industry leaders should consider in 2019.  It turns out, he says, you should begin preparing for the Holidays now. Yes, you heard that correctly. While many of you are dealing with the aftermath of the seasonal rush and gearing up for all of the product returns, Hedges says,

“It’s not too early to be thinking about the 2019 Holiday season.”

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

You know how this season panned out. And in all likelihood, strong growth in e-commerce once again means you need a new trick up your sleeve to meet peak demand next time around. Both lack of labor and longer than desired order fulfillment times probably got in your way more than once.  

So how do you begin looking for a fix in 2019?  Consider an automation solution, says Hedges:

“Most automated picking and sorting systems require a year or more to select, size, install and get up and running. But that’s not the case with Perfect Pick® and Sure Sort™.

Both can be up processing orders by October of this year. We manufacture and ship from our facilities in New Jersey and can deliver a solution more quickly than others. Our experienced installation teams will have your system installed in a matter of weeks. Besides delivering a solution in time for peak season, Perfect Pick and Sure Sort also deliver labor and space savings. 

There aren’t many other material handling equipment capital expenditures capable of matching our customers’ ROI. Such quick payback also makes the C-suite look more positively on a capital expenditure that can deliver results. And we both know, there’s plenty of competition out there for corporate dollars.” 

Now you may be thinking, this is just what you expected to hear from the President of OPEX. That’s true, but he isn’t alone. They know what their equipment can do and their customers confirm it time and again. Hedges continues,

“Each of our systems also improve order accuracy and increase inventory security.  

Perfect Pick takes full advantage of your warehouse’s height, supplying up to 32.5 feet of vertical storage - all accessible by iBOTs, our autonomous wireless robots. 

Sure Sort replaces six to eight standard put walls in just a fraction of the space.”   

Like any other type of material handling equipment, Perfect Pick and Sure Sort do require maintenance from time to time. Where they differ is OPEX directly employs more than 400 technicians to service those products.

“Unlike other manufacturers that rely on 3rd party service providers, our contracts are all-inclusive, providing preventive maintenance, labor and comprehensive parts replacement. An OPEX technician will respond directly to your site in 2 hours or less.”

2019 holds great promise for those whose new year resolutions include improving their operations with automation - especially when the right equipment decisions are made early in the year.

Gary Forger is the former editor of Modern Materials Handling magazine and the Material Handling & Logistics U.S. Roadmap to 2030.  


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