Move Beyond Data Capture - Add Intelligence to Business Processes

Today’s way of business is changing rapidly: Increasing competition together with growing and changing customer demands are forcing companies to adjust their way of delivering services and optimise productivity. Long business processes, large volumes of documents and repetitive administrative tasks are killing productivity in the workplace.  Organisations need intelligent data capture solutions to access required data quickly if they want to master the digital transformation. They have to be more efficient, more agile and more customer-centric in data driven processes in order to remain competitive. The industry expectations today are that intelligent capture software is able to:

• Read all document-based information

• Separate and classify different documents that have been received

• Extract relevant information

• Validate relevant information

• Exchange information with enterprise systems

In order to automatically classify, extract, validate and direct business critical data from incoming customer communications and operational processes (such as customer requests, queries and transactions), s need a highly scalable and universal enterprise capture platform.

Intelligent capture software like ABBYY FlexiCapture comes with a variety of features that significantly improve performance, process transparency, and workload predictability.

This enables organisations to categorize and process both paper and digital documents coming from multiple sources in one single flow. The platform is designed to cover a wide range of document-based processes across organisations. Companies can even train the intelligent capture platform to process flexible or irregular document layouts and to adapt and continuously improve its data extraction algorithms. Furthermore, the software supports data export to multiple formats and to backend applications, databases or enterprise repositories.

Usage Scenarios and Benefits of Intelligent Capture

Accounts Payable Automation (AP)

Intelligent capture solutions reduce lead times significantly by extracting invoice information, and they fulfil compliance with automated plausibility and legal conformity checks. This way, organizations prevent late payment fees and benefit from early payment discounts. AP and Finance departments are provided with accurate, real-time information for process analysis, trouble-shooting, and precise reporting. Invoices can be tracked at each step in the process. KPI reports inform managers of process performance. Real-time tools enable AP departments to identify and resolve bottlenecks, quickly locate an invoice, and expedite processing and payment.

Customer Experience Management

Intelligent capture solutions satisfy customers’ channel-of-choice expectation by providing automated multi-channel input and processing of all incoming document types. This enables organizations to keep customer response times short and engage with the customers with the right message at the right time through the right channel.

Shared Service Centers

Capturing documents from internal customers with one single platform and processing them promptly ensures consistent business processes and maximum transparency. Information is available to the right employees at the right time.

Order Processing

Intelligent capture of sales order data reduces errors and accelerates the order to cash process: Order management departments can process orders more quickly and accurately, while the accounting departments rapidly receive respective data for bookkeeping.

Legal Affairs

Intelligent capture can also support such processes as regulatory reporting or audits with its ability to extract information – even from unstructured documents. In this way, legal affairs departments can easily process granular legal contract data and improve operational metrics across the legal documentation process.

Capture software has evolved to embrace the capabilities required for the automated capture of all sorts of documents. Leveraging rules, data, and learning, intelligent capture software reduces costs, improves quality, speeds processing, and drives downstream systems including workflow and ERP. However, the success of the capture automation initiative depends largely on careful planning and preparation. Consistent project management and enlisting the help of a competent vendor-partner will facilitate a quick return on investment.

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