Integrators Building Partnerships with Customers

Last time around, we covered the Integrators Training Event from the perspective of key people at OPEX. This time it’s the integrators’ turn.

We spoke with two in particular – Jim Voshell from Werres Corporation and Rich O’Connor of Raymond Handling Solutions. Voshell, by the way, has sold two Perfect Pick systems while O’Connor is earlier in the sales development phase.

That said, both are clearly enthusiastic about the prospects for OPEX warehouse automation systems. You could say O’Connor let his feet show his enthusiasm, visiting the New Jersey event from his home base of Santa Fe Springs, CA. And after just a half day of discussions, O’Connor already had in mind at least a couple of companies that could benefit from the systems.

So what’s the profile of such a company? “Perfect Pick is a good fit when pick rates are high and travel distances are great in their current mode of operation,” explains O’Connor. “The equipment can really maximize pick rates while eliminating picker travel. That’s a big win,” he adds. The potential for reducing labor requirements to make the same number of picks didn’t slip by O’Connor either.

Voshell builds on that saying “while all companies are different in their approach to automation, everyone needs to see strong benefits from bringing in automation. They need to be able to justify the expenditure with a strong ROI. And OPEX systems deliver that ROI.”

However, a strong ROI is the end point. Getting there is a process, explains Voshell. “Some companies I’ve spoken with are very enthusiastic about the benefits the systems can bring to their operations. And that’s especially true for companies with a larger footprint, especially 100,000 sq ft and over. But some don’t want to spend the money. At first that is. Eventually they really dig into the ROI and see how it all translates. As I said, it’s a process.”

A major reason O’Connor, and others for that matter, attended the event was to learn how to best apply Perfect Pick and Sure Sort. “We need to learn how to apply the technology most advantageously in a variety of settings. And that’s just what the OPEX people are focusing on at this event,” adds O’Connor.

As Voshell points out, the OPEX solutions go up against equipment ranging from vertical lift modules and carousels to carton flow rack, shelving and pick modules. However, he adds, those equipment types don’t answer the issues of running out of floor space, not knowing where inventory really resides and labor. Perfect Pick and Sure Sort don’t suffer from those shortcomings, says Voshell.

“This event is my chance to better understand these unique solutions, how best to apply and implement them and keep my customers satisfied for years to come,” explains O’Connor.

Voshell had this to say. “We are behind OPEX and their dedication to their mission. These solutions are winners that allow integrators to introduce new ways to bring goods to person in highly efficient, cost effective applications. We love OPEX and its products.”
Gary Forger is the former editor of Modern Materials Handling magazine and the Material Handling & Logistics U.S. Roadmap to 2030. 

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