Changing the Game and the Behavior at Liberty University

When Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia began experiencing a high population growth in a short amount of time, a drastic change in mail processing was necessary to keep pace. LU’s mail center experienced a transformation in the way they serve their campus community with the addition of OPEX Corporation’s Mail Matrix®. This technology led to immediate and measurable efficiencies in the mail center’s ability to manage the influx of physical mail. Further, the Mail Matrix provided a means to impact the behavior of a generation of students who do not view traditional mail as a priority.

Population Explosion

Since 2012, on-campus faculty population jumped from approximately 3,000 to 8,500. Combined with the growth in on-campus student population to 16,000, this resulted in an increase in both mail volume and delivery destinations. So much so that the university was provided with their own unique campus zip code. Anyone working in an inbound mail center can attest that an overwhelmed mailroom presents opportunities for chaos, costly mistakes, and delays. This was certainly the case with Liberty as they were forced to hire more bodies and increase their budget to include over 100 hours of staff overtime.

Changing the Game

A change was needed, so the university turned to OPEX and the Mail Matrix, an intelligent mixed mail sorter, to help solve their “growing pains.” Automated sorting enabled the inbound mail to be fine-sorted in a single touch to each student’s campus ‘MSC’ code and sequenced into delivery route order. Mail sorting mistakes were reduced by connecting to the campus database for up to the moment delivery destination changes. This triggered an immediate savings of $120,000 in mailroom labor; eliminating the need to hire additional staff, and budgeting costly overtime hours. The Mail Matrix effectively “changed the game” and provided immediate, measurable benefits including the ability to now benchmark mail volumes and productivity metrics which were previously unavailable, according to Assistant VP, Bob Boyer.

Changing Behavior

Let’s face it; the techno-centric millennial generation does not prioritize physical mail like the generations of mailbox-dependent college students that came before them. This created a problem for the mail center. Unchecked, overflowing mailboxes prevented the mail couriers’ ability to deliver new mail which resulted in a productivity logjam.  The solution…a text-based “You’ve Got Mail” alert, created using exported recipient data from the Mail Matrix, is now transmitted to each student, informing them that mail is awaiting pickup in their campus box. The resulting behavioral change has impacted the mail center in two very positive ways:

  • Shortened the delivery time from sender to recipient.
  • Optimized capacity for new mail to flow through the system without re-handling of older mail.

Voila, the matrix comes full circle! With a smart notification system implemented and the ability to add Mail Matrix expansion modules in the future, Liberty University’s mailroom is poised to keep pace with growth and volume for years to come.

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