Building Partnerships with Warehouse Automation System Integrators

Late last month, a party broke out at OPEX HQ in Moorestown, NJ. Well, maybe there’s some hyperbole in the word “party”, but the Warehouse Automation System Integrator Training Event that ran Oct. 29 and 30 was certainly an important gathering for all involved.

“This was our chance to inform and update these key people about Perfect Pick and Sure Sort,” says OPEX Warehouse Automation President, Jeff Hedges. “It was also their chance to find out from us how to best apply the equipment and deliver top level results to their customers. It was definitely an interactive couple of days.”

By the way, 10 key integrators sent more than 30 people to Moorestown to this annual OPEX Warehouse Automation Integrator Event. The award for greatest distance traveled went to Glen Urquhart and Kris Wittig from Dexion, a top intralogistics company in Australia. Other companies in attendance included:
  • Arbor Material Handling
  • Associated Solutions
  • Bastian Solutions
  • BoxLogix
  • Conveyor Handling
  • Dematic
  • Fortna
  • Pengate Handling
  • Raymond Handling Solutions
  • Raymond Storage
  • Raymond Werres
  • Siggins
  • Toyota Advanced Logistics
It was clear throughout the event that all were totally engaged and focused on getting all the information possible from key OPEX people such as Joe McGinnis, Director of Integrator Relations, and John Sauer, Senior Business Development Manager. And that engagement lasted not just through the presentations and open question sessions but during the tours of the OPEX facility including manufacturing in Pennsauken.

“This was their chance to get inside our four walls and see what our equipment and people are made of,” explains McGinnis. “We also wanted to build on our true partnership with them. We have much more than a simple business relationship with these people and their companies.”

As to OPEX people, Sauer explained on one tour his personal history with the company going back 23 years. Sauer started out building wire harnesses for the company’s line of mail handling machines. He was later the lead for the Perfect Pick install at OPEX. At the integrator event he was lead instructor with more slides than time.

“Something that impressed me,” adds Hedges, “is that the attendees were engaged with each other too. Some of them have worked together in the past and that helped. But it was clear that they were as comfortable with each other as they were with OPEX. That’s a special partnership all around.”

 “This was also a chance for us to learn from our system integrators,” says McGinnis. “We heard quite a bit about their interests and priorities, both of which are critical to our partnership going forward.”

“OPEX is a powerhouse to help systems integrators be successful,” says Hedges. And that was on display those two days. There was general agreement that this knowledge-based session was all about personal interaction, approachability and professionalism. From everything I heard, it was time very well spent for all.”

That sets a high bar for future integrator events. The week after Thanksgiving we’ll share with you what two of the integrators had to say about the event.

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving to all. We certainly have much to be grateful for in our personal and professional lives.  

Gary Forger is the former editor of Modern Materials Handling magazine and the Material Handling & Logistics U.S. Roadmap to 2030. 

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