Automation Myth-Busting: The Cost Benefits of a Goods-To-Person Picking System

The truth is, they’re wrong. You can’t afford to let your warehouse continue to operation without automation—and here’s why.

Automation allows small to mid-sized businesses to better compete with warehouse giants.
OPEX’s Perfect Pick, a goods-to-person order fulfillment system, is designed to make the fantasy of automation a reality for small to mid-sized eCommerce businesses. Graduating to an automated warehouse means your team will be processing orders rapidly, accurately, and in real time, putting your service and standards on par with the “big boys” in your retail sector. Perfect Pick is quite literally the new generation of picking solutions.

OPEX’s Perfect Pick is a low-cost, entry-level system that will grow with your business.
At the heart of the Perfect Pick system is a series of autonomous robotic delivery vehicles—also known as the iBOT. IBOTs are programmed to horizontally and vertically navigate a track inside a high-density racking, then deliver the item directly to a workstation located at one or both ends of the aisle. From there, a throughput rate of up to 1,000 picking cycles (picking and putting) per hour eliminates the need for expensive and failure-prone elevators, conveyors or transfers. Seasonality and swings in demand are easily handled by adding more iBOTs, aisles, or workstations. You’ll be smooth sailing straight through the holidays, with the profits to prove it.

You’ll see a greater return on investment.
Kunal Thakkar, senior VP of global operations at e-tailer Newegg, summed up the advantages perfectly last October for Innovative Retail Technologies: “Perfect Pick saves us time, and as a result, we save costs,” says Thakkar. “Because Perfect Pick processes orders faster and more accurately than other warehouse technologies, our customers get their orders sooner. And, it’s accurate, because the iBOT has been programmed to pick the right SKU from the right location. We are truly able to get the right product at the right time at the right place.”

OPEX’s Perfect Pick doesn’t just offer a greater return on investment, it’s a complete lifestyle change for your warehouse. Operations will run more smoothly, accurately, and quickly, making it easier to train and keep employees. Orders will be processed accurately and faster than ever, keeping your customers happy and coming back. Once you’re at that point—and Perfect Pick only takes four to six months to install, with financing available, so it won’t be long—the only thing you’ll be hearing from your team is that they’d rather not remember what life was like before automation.

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