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Digitize Your Documents - Save the Planet

The idea of the “paperless office” has traditionally been centered around cost and efficiency improvements. But in addition to reducing your line-item costs for paper, toner, and other printing expenses (if it’s in digital form), you can also move information faster.


Digitization vs. Digitalization: What it Means for Your Business

The terms digitization and digitalization get tossed around a lot these days, particularly in the context of document management and digital transformation discussions. The two words are often used interchangeably, but they really mean two different things – one provides for efficiencies in workflow and the other enables business transformation. 


The Ethics of Responsible Document Management: How to Avoid Being a Non-Compliant Nightmare

Regulatory compliance is a huge concern for companies in many industries, but the cost of failing in compliance efforts can be an even higher concern. Penalties, fines, loss of business, loss of client confidence, and even outright theft of confidential financial information can quickly add up and take a heavy toll on your business.


AI Hits the Road in Logistics

Discover the four key application areas where AI, machine learning and other technologies will have the biggest impact in logistics.


Digital Mail: Solve Returned-Mail Woes

For a corporate mailroom, standard incoming mail is a snap to handle, particularly if there is some level of automation in place. Mail can be quickly sorted, scanned, and distributed to the correct department.


Key Things to Consider Before Making a Move to the Cloud

There are lots of potential supply chain automation benefits to be had by moving IT workloads to the cloud, but there are important differences among cloud providers users must keep in mind.


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