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The 3 Biggest Challenges In Today’s E-Discovery Efforts

In the legal profession, the discovery process can be time-consuming and cumbersome – attorneys and law clerks have to sift through mounds of paperwork, searching for information that is relevant to their case or their clients. As more documents are converted electronically, e-discovery should become conceivably more efficient as paperwork is reduced and discovery work is made easier.


Compliant Claims Processing Could Be Easier Than You Think

HIPAA violations can lead to steep fines and significant damage to a provider’s reputation, so ensuring that your claims processing systems are fully compliant is critical.


Hurricane-Proof Your Document Management System

Documents present a huge risk when it comes to natural disasters, whether you are talking about hurricanes, floods, fires, or other catastrophes. Once those physical documents are gone, the information they contain is gone. Take steps to prepare and protect your documents before disaster strikes.


Digitize Your Documents - Save the Planet

The idea of the “paperless office” has traditionally been centered around cost and efficiency improvements. But in addition to reducing your line-item costs for paper, toner, and other printing expenses (if it’s in digital form), you can also move information faster.


Digitization vs. Digitalization: What it Means for Your Business

The terms digitization and digitalization get tossed around a lot these days, particularly in the context of document management and digital transformation discussions. The two words are often used interchangeably, but they really mean two different things – one provides for efficiencies in workflow and the other enables business transformation. 


The Ethics of Responsible Document Management: How to Avoid Being a Non-Compliant Nightmare

Regulatory compliance is a huge concern for companies in many industries, but the cost of failing in compliance efforts can be an even higher concern. Penalties, fines, loss of business, loss of client confidence, and even outright theft of confidential financial information can quickly add up and take a heavy toll on your business.


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