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How the Right Payment Processing System Gets Your Donations Further

Nonprofits and charities can maximize their contributions by leveraging technology to improve payment processing.


Hurricane-Proof Your Document Management System

Documents present a huge risk when it comes to natural disasters, whether you are talking about hurricanes, floods, fires, or other catastrophes. Once those physical documents are gone, the information they contain is gone. Take steps to prepare and protect your documents before disaster strikes.


Fall In Love With Efficiency: Next-Level Document Scanning

In part two, we will explore how implementing advanced document imaging can help you to improve the efficiency of your company-wide document management and digitization efforts.


Fall In Love With Efficiency: A Better Way to Move The Mail

If you’re a mailroom manager, you may feel like dumping all your envelopes into a pile, but there’s a better, more efficient way to deal with that mail.


The Value of Tracking Mail Inside Your Business

The use of barcodes can add an entirely new dimension of visibility and traceability to your digital mailroom initiative. By barcoding mail pieces and tying those barcodes to recipient and sender information (as well as other data), you can create an end-to-end tracking environment that not only makes it easier to know when mail has been received but also provides an auditable trail of each piece of mail that has entered or left your facility.


Simplify Your Document Management Playbook

As the NFL prepares to kick off its regular season in September, fans are mulling over their favorite teams’ playoff chances, how well recently drafted rookies might perform, or perhaps whether the Philadelphia Eagles can repeat as Super Bowl Champions this season.


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