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Increase the Value of Your Mail Center

In most companies, the mail center operates behind the scenes. Mail arrives at a facility and the team works hard to sort and deliver this mail to employees across the organization.  However, most people outside of the mailroom don’t understand the whole process or even what happens between when mail arrives at the facility and when it lands on their desk — as such they may miss the added value they could build into, and receive from, their mailroom.


Not All Mailrooms Are Created Equal

As companies look for ways to improve data management and analytics while reducing costs and eliminating paper-based processes, the mailroom is increasingly a target of attention. A significant amount of essential enterprise data flows through the mailroom (along with payments and packages), making its operations key in digital transformation initiatives. 

The mailroom also holds a unique position in corporate lore — the place from which many successful executives claim to have worked their way up. (Of course, many successful executives really did work in the mailroom — with the mailroom at the William Morris Agency being a particularly favorite place for future billionaires to congregate.)


Postal Evolution: The Digital Mailroom

In our previous blog Postal Evolution: From Horses To The Digital Age, we took a look at the history of postal innovation, from the early days of horseback delivery through the advent of airmail, ZIP codes, and mail tracking software.

The next step in this ongoing evolution is the digital mailroom.


Postal Evolution: From Horses to the Digital Age

There is increasing buzz around the transition to a digital mailroom, and many organizations are struggling to figure out how to manage this transformation and what the benefits are.

It’s important to remember, though, that the way we manage mail, and the role mail plays in our lives and our businesses, has been continuously evolving for thousands of years.


Digital Mail: Solve Returned-Mail Woes

For a corporate mailroom, standard incoming mail is a snap to handle, particularly if there is some level of automation in place. Mail can be quickly sorted, scanned, and distributed to the correct department.


Digital Mail – The Elephant in the Room

An ancient Indian parable tells of a group of blind men who happen upon an elephant. Never having experienced this animal before, each man felt the elephant and described his experience to the others.  One man touched the trunk and described the elephant as being like a snake.  Another felt its leg and described it as a tree trunk. Yet another described it like a wall, having felt only the animal’s side.  As they compared their contradictory experiences the men began to argue, accuse, and fight in defense of their definitions.  Who was right? Everyone…and no one.


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